CG 588 Altitude Irons Review

    The Cleveland Golf 588 Altitude fall into the category of max game improvement irons and they retail for $699 in the steel version and $799 for the graphite.  Now, after taking them for a spin on the golf course, I understood why Cleveland called them Altitude, and they weren’t kidding either! However, the “altitude” thingy doesn’t mean that this iron balloons the ball, pretty far from it actually. What it actually does is to help you (if you’re a slow swinging type of golfer) get the ball pretty high in the air easily and quickly. So basically, if you’re a slow swinger or a senior golf player, you’ll get the most from the CG 588 Altitude irons and you’ll definitely reach new heights on the golf course.

    Aside from the emphasis on altitude and the super-high launch for every type of golfer, these babies will go high and straight round after round, especially if you’re playing from thick lies. All you have to do is to let the irons do their job and don’t get in the way, the rest just happens by magic. Did I mention high and straight, right? But I almost forgot about the great levels of accuracy and forgiveness these irons offer to their owner. There’s a minimal sidespin which takes care of most of the slices and the CG 588 Altitude offers consistent soft landing shots with great results for slow swingers. In terms of design, the CG 588 looks very interesting, almost like a forged iron which is bundled in bubble wrap, featuring a big unconventional head, which inspires loads of confidence. Bottom line, these babies really deliver what they advertise, i.e. they’re a high launch set of golf gear, exceptional for slower swingers and amateur golfers.