Callaway Golf XR Pro Irons Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway Golf XR Pro falls into the category of better player irons and comes with a price tag of $900. The key technology incorporated into the manufacturing process is Callaway’s proprietary two piece club head which features a 360 degrees cup face design, aimed at dramatically improving ball speeds regardless of the point of contact across the club’s face. Just like the XR line, the XR Pro boasts Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave thingy, borrowed from their woods, which works in tandem with the Cup 360 face, boosting the ball speeds, bringing loads of forgiveness and increasing the moment of inertia. The most impressive thing about the Callaway Golf XR Pro is that the company managed to squeeze all these cool features into an iron which has a smaller head than the regular XR, and that’s like the best thing ever, to put it into the parlance of our times. The XR Pro looks just like a normal/regular cavity back iron, with a slightly shorter head and a thinner top line that has less offset.

    The end result of this clever design is an iron that offer loads of forgiveness, which is a nice thing to have and you’re actually need it in any situation, even if you don’t want to admit it. The meaty sole in the XR Pro comes with the ability of permitting its owner to slash through virtually anything, even the thickest stuff and that makes for a golf iron that really shines in the rough or other difficult spots. The ball trajectory is wonderful (mid-high) and it’s very straightforward to produce a penetrating flight from any position. The XR Pro offers you unparalleled distance control, one of its best assets, being a well-balanced and stable club during your swings, with a dampened/soft impact sound; a very solid performer overall. As a final conclusion, the Callaway Golf XR Pro is the “weapon of choice” if you desire a powerful golf club that will help you with the translation between a game improvement iron into the better player bracket.