Callaway Apex Utility Irons Review
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    The  Callaway Apex Utility Irons retail for $229,99 (MSRP) and they come fully loaded with the latest technologies for delivering high performance via forged precision, together with forgiveness and playability , making for a great alternative to long irons and/or hybrids. Basically, the research and development  team from Callaway loaded up the  Callaway Apex Utility Irons with everything they had, and they added forged precision on top, mixing it with the traditional long iron shape, which is all about performance, forgiveness and playability, but now going beyond what you'd expect from a forged face/cavity back design. The  Callaway Apex Utility Irons are all about surgical precision, excellent distance, versatility and forgiveness.

    All these features are staples of this new generation of the Apex family. Basically, if you seek high tech combined with great design at a very affordable price as an alternative to long irons and/or hybrid, look no further than the  Callaway Apex Utility Irons. And speaking about state of the art technologies, let me mention the forged face cup design, which represents a very serious speed tech put into an utility iron. Basically, the forged face cup is all about increasing ball speeds on shots all across the face, for optimizing the distance you're looking for in the  Callaway Apex Utility Irons. The sole weighting is what gives these irons their incredible levels of forgiveness, and it accomplishes that by lowering the center of gravity, making them easier to launch and easier to hit in the same time. The  Callaway Apex Utility Irons are built using premium carbon steel in a forged precision design for delivering excellent feel and boosting confidence with every shot taken with these awesome clubs!