Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons Review

    Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons Review
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    The Callaway Apex CF 16 are the definition of really long, beautiful and fairly easy to hit irons. Featuring state of the art technologies, absolutely superb aesthetics and tremendous amounts of control for the better players, these irons really live up to their name (Apex is a pretty bold name) and their hefty price tag ($1199). What's up with the Apex CF 16, you may ask? Well, long story short, these irons will provide you with exceptional forgiveness, outstanding distance gains and a beautiful, meaty sound, together with a buttery soft feel throughout your swing. The design oozes class and I must confess that after playing a few rounds with the Apex CF 16, I fell in  love with this complete package of feel, distance, forgiveness, looks and workability. Callaway really hit the nail on its head with this babies!
    How did they do it? Technology is the answer.

    For example, the longer irons have been built using an innovative/proprietary technology, called Cup 360, which is focused at boosting the ball speed across the face. The shorter irons in the bunch also include a state of the art manufacturing process, resulting in a uniquely designed face-plate, which works wonders in distance control and improving the feel.

    The mild carbon steel used into their built along with the quadruple net forging confer the Apex CF 16 an extremely soft feel.

    In a few words, these irons are aimed at better players, looking absolutely gorgeous, with a premium feel and look, being high-tech, high-end forged irons which make for an excellent combo of good looks and performance in one unique package.  If the hefty price tag doesn't discourage you and you appreciate a good looking set of irons which really deliver where it counts (feel and performance mostly), these babies were made for you and you'll enjoy every minute spent in their company.