Thomas Golf Pre-Owned AT725 Square Hybrid Golf ClubsBuying pre-owned clubs is an even more affordable way to play Thomas Golf equipment.

Click here to search our current inventory of pre-owned AT725 Square Hybrid clubs, in right-handed men’s models. Each listing includes the club’s specifications for loft, lie, length, shaft flex and grip size, along with the sale price – typically discounted at more than 50% vs. retail pricing for new Thomas Golf clubs.

Thomas Golf offers pre-owned AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs, providing golfers with a suitable replacement option for a conventional club of similar loft in their current set. Here are some key points about Thomas Golf pre-owned AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs:

  1. Performance:
    • The AT725 Square Hybrid lineup is designed to deliver exceptional performance on the golf course. These hybrids are engineered to replace traditional long irons or fairway woods, offering improved playability and versatility.
    • The square design of the clubhead promotes a higher moment of inertia (MOI) and a larger sweet spot, resulting in increased forgiveness and better off-center hit performance.
    • The AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs provide golfers with a reliable and consistent ball flight, allowing for longer and more accurate shots.
  2. Cost-Effective Option:
    • Purchasing pre-owned AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs is a cost-effective way to upgrade or expand your golf club set. These clubs are offered at a lower price compared to buying brand-new equipment, making them a budget-friendly choice.
    • Despite being pre-owned, the AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs retain their performance characteristics, providing golfers with an excellent value for their investment.
  3. Club Replacement:
    • The AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs are designed to replace a conventional club of similar loft in your current set. Whether you need a replacement for a long iron or a fairway wood, the AT725 hybrids offer a suitable alternative.
    • The versatility of the AT725 hybrids allows golfers to adapt to various course conditions and shot requirements. They can be used for both tee shots and approach shots, providing golfers with confidence and consistency in their game.
  4. Quality Assurance:
    • Thomas Golf ensures the quality and reliability of their pre-owned AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs. Each club undergoes a thorough inspection process to ensure it meets the high standards set by Thomas Golf.
    • The inspection includes checking the clubhead, shaft, grip, and overall condition of the club. Any necessary repairs or replacements are made to ensure the club is in optimal playing condition.
  5. Customer Satisfaction:
    • Thomas Golf is committed to customer satisfaction and provides excellent customer support. They are available to assist with any inquiries regarding pre-owned clubs, club selection, and addressing any concerns or issues.
    • The focus on customer satisfaction extends to the pre-owned club purchasing process, ensuring that golfers have a positive experience and feel confident in their purchase.

In conclusion, Thomas Golf's pre-owned AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs offer golfers a cost-effective and reliable option to replace a conventional club of similar loft in their current set. With their performance, affordability, quality assurance, and dedicated customer support, golfers can confidently choose pre-owned AT725 Hybrid Golf Clubs to enhance their game without compromising on performance or breaking their budget.

All Thomas Golf pre-owned clubs are in excellent condition, with only minor (if any) cosmetic blemishes. We do not sell clubs whose playing characteristics have been altered in any way – no bent or cracked shafts, no dented clubfaces, etc.

Each club in the AT725 Square Hybrid lineup makes a suitable replacement for a conventional club of similar loft in your current set. For example, the 3-hybrid can replace your current 3-iron or 7-wood.

You may not find the exact club you’re looking for on the first try – our satisfied customers rarely return products – but we encourage you to come back soon and search again.

Thomas AT725 Loft Lie Length (graphite) Length (steel) Replaces our:

Hybrid Driver10.5°56°43.5″42.5″Traditional Driver
1 Hybrid Iron16°57°40.5″40″1 Iron / 4 wood 2 Hybrid Iron18°58°40″39.5″2 Iron / 5 wood 3 Hybrid Iron21°59° 39.5″39″3 Iron / 7 wood 4 Hybrid Iron24°60°39″38.5″4 Iron / 9 wood 5 Hybrid Iron27°61°38.5″38″5 Iron / 11 wood 6 Hybrid Iron30°61.5°38″37.5″6 Iron / 13 wood 7 Hybrid Iron34°62°37.5″37″7 Iron / 15 wood 8 Hybrid Iron38°62°37″36.5″8 Iron / 17 wood 9 Hybrid Iron42°63°36.5″36″9 Iron / 19 wood PW Hybrid46°63°36″36″PW / 21 wood GW Hybrid50°64°36″36″GW / 23 wood SW Hybrid55°64°36″36″SW / 25 wood LW Hybrid60°64°36″36″LW

About AT725 Square Hybrid Golf Clubs

This unique set offers clubs in 15 different lofts, all the way from driver (10.5°) to a 60° lob wedge. All AT725 Square Hybrids have a couple of things in common: a square-shaped clubhead, and Thomas Golf’s patented Shot Accuracy Technology alignment guide.

The club’s square shape is designed to raise the club’s Moment of Inertia (MOI) and produce exceptional accuracy and forgiveness, even on miss-hits. The AT725 Square Hybrid is incredibly easy to align and just as easy to hit thanks to its curved sole and leading edge.

Because its corners have been beveled off, the AT725 Square Hybrid is more visually appealing than other manufacturers’ sharp-angled square clubhead models. It’s a cutting edge club even staunch traditionalists can love.