Hybrid Golf Clubs: Highly Playable, Very Versatile

Hybrid clubs have found their way into most golfers’ bags as a replacement for traditional long irons (#2-4). Not only are hybrids much easier to hit than long irons, they’re far more versatile. 

Conventional long irons are useful in three situations: From the tee, off the fairway, and hitting shots under trees. Hybrids are equally if not more handy in those instances, and can also be used when: 

  • Chipping from long distance, with plenty of green between the ball and hole: Unlike snag-prone long irons, hybrids slide smoothly across the turf when swung at low speeds.
  • Playing shots from intermediate or thick rough: Again, the hybrid’s curved sole slips easily through tangled grass. Long irons, on the other hand, tend to get hung up and shut down on top of the ball.
  • Hitting off tight lies: Most golfers would rather pull a rattlesnake from the bag than be forced to hit a long iron from closely cropped fairway. A hybrid’s lower center of gravity helps get the ball airborne, even when it’s not sitting up high. 

These days, hybrid clubs are simply a must-have for every golfer, no matter how skilled. Online retailer Thomas Golf offers a large lineup of custom-fitted hybrids through its website www.thomasgolf.com