Hybrid Chip/Putt a Great Choice from the Fringe - Golf Tip

Putt or chip? Chip or putt? How about a combo of the two?

Any time you face a shot from just off the green, a decision must be made. Some golfers prefer to putt whenever possible, while others would rather chip. By using a hybrid club, you can create a shot that’s a little of both. In other words, a hybrid chip/putt.

Most hybrids feature at least 18° of loft (compared with about 4° for a putter), so they’ll put a little air and spin on the ball – but less than you’ll get from a wedge or other lofted iron. The hybrid is ideal when you’re within a few yards of the green and want the ball to carry just onto the surface and roll out to the hole.

Using your regular putting setup and stroke is the best technique for the hybrid chip/putt. Here’s the routine:

  • Set up with your feet close together and bend over as though hitting a putt. Your eyes should be directly over the ball or just inside it.
  • Using your regular putting grip, choke up on the club to approximate the length of your putter.
  • If you’re using a Thomas Golf brand hybrid, aim the alignment guide at your target.
  • Make an arms-and-shoulders stroke as you would if putting, nudging the ball just over the fringe and onto the green.

The hybrid chip/putt requires a bit of practice to get a feel for how the ball reacts off the club. Because hybrids are built to maximize distance on full swings, the face is a little “hotter” than the typical putter’s, so the ball will jump a little more on contact and go farther than expected. The shot takes some touch, but with a little work it will soon become second-nature.