If you find that you are experiencing inconsistency when you play your golf shots, one of the main reasons for this can be that you are not consistently hitting from the same place on the club face, the sweet spot and this is one of the main differences between high and low handicappers.

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    Low handicappers strike repeatedly from the sweet spot, whereas high handicappers are much more inconsistent with this. The sweet spot of the club face is only the size of a medium coin and any shot struck from outside this area will not fly as the golfer intended.

    To achieve a more consistent ball strike, work on achieving a consistent set up position, maintain a stable spine angle, head height and knee flex throughout your movement and maintain your balance throughout.

    When you are hitting shots also work on the following drill. When striking the ball you need to achieve the correct vertical height and the correct lateral position on the club face for consistent shots. You can use face tape on your clubs when practicing to confirm exactly where you are striking the ball from.

    Work on imagining a bullseye on the club face. The middle of the bullseye scores a 10. The score then drops away from 10 to 0 towards the toe, heel and bottom of the club face. Play shots and give the strike on the club face a score. If it is from the middle of the sweet spot, score a 10, 10 – it was correct laterally and correct vertically. If not score where it was – a 7 towards the toe and a 9 towards the bottom. On the next shot you now know the correction that you need to make to achieve a shot more from the middle of the club face, so work on making the improvement and striking more from the middle of the face. If you are using face tape, the ball will have left an impact mark and you can now check the score you gave the shot against the face tape.

    Working on hitting balls from the centre of the club face will result in you achieving more consistent directional control, trajectory and distance that you can hit, so try this drill and you should see a big improvement in your golf shots.