Short Game Touch, Ladies Golf Tip

    If you are looking to improve your short game touch then try working on the following two drills when you next practice and you will really see an improvement in your accuracy and maybe even chip in once or twice.

    Set yourself up next to the practice green and take a few extra clubs out of your bag. Take a stride forward from where you are going to play from and place a club on the ground across your toes. Step over this and then take another stride and place a club on the ground across your toes. Repeat this process until you have six clubs on the ground forming a ladder out across the green. You have five areas on the ladder to work on landing the ball in. Play your first shot to land the ball, its finish position does not matter, it is the first bounce that needs to be in area one, between the first two golf clubs on the ladder. Keep playing shots until you achieve the first bounce in area one. Work on playing to land your first bounce in area two. Keep playing at this area until you have got the ball to take its first bounce in area two.

    Then play at area three, then area four and then area five. Keep things simple, if you hit the ball too far, play your next shot with a smaller swing and softer. If the ball isn’t hit far enough, play the next shot with a bigger and firmer swing until you achieve the correct swing for the shot. Once you have completed the ladder and bounced the ball first bounce in each area, then count up the number of shots that it took you and you can play with the challenge of beating this score. Once you can play the ladder from one to five, play it from five to one and eventually you will be able to play it in random order. Your ultimate goal is to complete each ladder in only five shots. This game will really help you to improve your touch and if you remember that when playing a seven iron chip, the ball will travel a quarter of its journey in the air (on a flat green). Work out where a quarter of the way to the flag is and then land the ball on this spot for a really accurate result. If using your pitching wedge, you need to land the ball two thirds of the way to the flag for the first bounce.

    You have control over where you are landing the golf ball, work on the second short game touch drill of bullseye. Create a bullseye target around the flag, two club lengths away from the hole. You could place eight tee pegs in the ground around the flag so that you can see the scoring area. Play chips towards the flag and any shot finishing within the target area scores one point. Work on this game as you did with the previous one. If the ball travels too far, play the next shot with a smaller and softer swing. If the shot didn’t travel far enough then you need a larger and harder swing next time. Play until you have ten points and then count up how many attempts it took to score the ten points. Ultimately, you want to achieve ten points in ten shots, but initially just play and then work on lowering your score each time. Once you can score ten points in ten shots then make your bullseye target smaller by placing the tee pegs only one club length from the hole.

    These are two great drills to practice to help improve your short game touch and with a little hard work on these you will really see an improvement in your short game.