How to Best Handle Golf Bunker Shots near the Back Lip

    Playing a bunker shot can be hard enough on its own, never mind if you find the ball towards the back of the bunker, nestling against the back lip. However, following these helpful tips may make this fearsome shot somewhat easier.

    Firstly, select your most lofted club. This could be your sand-wedge or even your lob wedge. Now play the ball slightly back in your stance, with your bodyweight leaning well forwards towards your front foot. Make sure the club face stays nicely open, aiming right for the right-handed golfer. As you need to pick the golf club up very quickly and steeply to avoid hitting the back lip of the bunker, it may be useful to tilt your spine angle and your shoulders to the left to feel like your shoulders are parallel to the slope or the lip of the bunker.

    As you go ahead and play the shot, try to use the maximum amount of wrist break in your backswing, which will feel like you're picking the golf club up very steeply. This should allow you to drop the club back steeply down on the back of the golf ball, so that you miss the back lip and catch the ball as cleanly as possible.

    If you have enough loft on the club face and create a good contact, you should be able to get the ball high enough up out of the bunker to avoid hitting the front lip. This shot is very difficult and may require plenty of practice. Don't be afraid to experiment with this shot in practice, but also don't be afraid to admit defeat, take your penalty and play the ball out sideways or backwards, if that is deemed to be the safest option.