How to Keep Swing Thoughts Short, Basic

    We often hear golf commentators talk about how the tour pros are in the zone. If you have ever been lucky enough to get your game and your brain in the zone at the same time, you'll appreciate that golf can feel effortlessly easy, even if this is for a brief fleeting few holes.

    When you're playing well and in the zone, your swing can feel simple, your mind can feel empty and your body can feel relaxed. However, keeping your game in the zone is easier said than done.

    Golfers often report that they feel they are playing their best golf when they have one simple swing thought that allows them to concentrate on a simple action, without complicated over thinking of the technical aspects of their swing. A great way of trying to keep your mind clear and uncluttered is to ensure you only take one swing thought on to the golf course for each round of golf.

    You may have been working hard on your technique in practice or in your golf lessons, but before you go out onto the golf course, try to simplify all of the aspects that you're working on into one simple, bite-size, swing thought.

    Rehearse the swing thought in your mind with your practice swings before every shot and as you set up to the golf ball, clear your mind of everything, apart from the simple swing thoughts and with one last rehearsal, go ahead and pull the trigger.

    If you can keep your swing thoughts short and basic you should be able to rely on a good, sound technique without too much over thinking getting in the way.