Learning to release the golf club correctly will really help to improve the golf shots that you hit. It will give your shots much greater length, help to improve the strike on the golf ball and also give you much better directional control.

Correct Swing Release for Better Golf Shots, Women Golfer Tips 1

As you swing downwards towards the ball, you need to maintain the angle that you have created between your left arm (for right handed golfers) and the golf club. As your hands and arms reach waist height on your downswing, the club head should still be higher than you hands. As you now begin to approach the ball, you can release your wrist angle into the ball. Releasing your wrist correctly simply means that you allow the angle that you have created between your left arm and the club shaft to become one straight line, this is release. This straight line does not happen until you strike the ball. If it happens prior to impact with the ball, you will have released all your speed too early and so will not hit as far, and in addition, you will have difficulty with directional control over the club face.

To work on the correct release, try taking backswings only to waist height. Set your wrists correctly on your takeaway. Now swing back at the ball and create a straight line from your left shoulder down to your left hand and then down to the club head. This straight line should happen in front of your left side as you connect with the ball. Practice this drill moving from waist height to your impact position and you will begin to release the club much more correctly and start to improve how you are hitting your golf shots.