Cause and Cure for Bad Putter Alignment, Women's Golf Putting Tip

Putter alignment is absolutely crucial if you are going to improve your accuracy and take fewer shots once on the green.

To be able to stroke the ball along the target line, you must have the putter aligned correctly to the target line. If the face is aiming to the right of your target line, the ball will travel right and vice versa if you have the face aligned to the left. It is crucial to align the putter correctly at the target line if you are going to make the putt.

One of the main causes for aligning incorrectly is not reading the green, or reading the green but not doing this correctly. If you are not aware of where the target line that you need to hit the ball along actually is, you will not align the putter well.

To ensure that this is not the reason for mis-alignment, read the green before you line up. Crouch down directly behind the ball and directly in line with the ball and the hole. Look at the surface between the ball and the hole and notice the slopes that you are required to putt across in order to hole the putt. Once you have decided on how the slopes will affect the roll of the ball, you need to picture the line that the ball will roll along in order to finish in the hole. Look at this line and pick something out along it, about one foot or two in front of the ball but on the line to use to align the putter towards. You want to get the ball rolling correctly along the line of the putt and this is not necessarily directly towards the hole. Select a target on this line and use this to help you align the putter correctly.

If you read the green, can visualize the line that you want the ball to roll along and can select a target on this line to aim the putter at, then you may still align the putter badly if you do not have an alignment aid on the head to help you. You need to align the putter face at a right angle to the target line for it to be aligned correctly. If you struggle to see whether the face is at a right angle or not, then use a putter with an alignment aid/line on it. This is simply a line on the putter head positioned at a right angle with the face. Some putter heads have a smaller line than others and if you do struggle with this then select a putter head style that has the largest line possible, as the larger the line, the easier it will be for you to use. Once you have selected the target line and the mark to align to, work on making sure that the alignment line on the putter head is lined up to this mark.

If you find it hard to see a mark or spot on the target line, then rather than guessing where it is, use the logo on your golf ball, or a line drawn on it and aim this at the target line initially, as you can do this whilst you are still directly behind the ball, looking along the target line from the ball to the hole. Now you can align the putter head with the logo on the ball by ensuring that the line on the putter head is in line with the logo on the ball.

Cause: Incorrect Eye Position

  • Cure: Ensure your eyes are directly over the ball or slightly inside the target line. Use a mirror or alignment aids to practice and develop a consistent eye position.

Cause: Misalignment of Body and Putter Face

  • Cure: Take the time to properly align your body and putter face parallel to the target line. Utilize alignment aids or markings on the putter to assist with alignment. Develop a pre-putt routine that includes aligning your body and putter.

Cause: Poor Visualization of the Putting Line

  • Cure: Spend more time studying and visualizing the line of the putt. Use your eyes to trace the intended path of the ball and imagine it rolling along that line. Develop a mental picture of the line before addressing the ball.

Cause: Lack of Focus and Concentration

  • Cure: Improve your focus and concentration during your putting routine. Eliminate distractions and fully commit to each putt. Develop a consistent pre-putt routine that helps you stay focused and engaged.

Cause: Rushed Setup and Address Position

  • Cure: Take your time to set up and address the ball properly. Ensure your feet, shoulders, and putter face are aligned parallel to the target line. Develop a consistent routine that allows for a relaxed and deliberate setup.

Cause: Inconsistent Grip Pressure

  • Cure: Find the right balance of grip pressure that allows for control and feel. Avoid gripping the putter too tightly, as it can hinder your ability to make a smooth and consistent stroke. Experiment with different grip pressures to find what works best for you.

Cause: Lack of Feedback and Alignment Aids

  • Cure: Utilize training aids and tools that provide feedback on your alignment. Practice with alignment sticks, mirrors, or laser devices to improve your ability to align your body and putter face accurately.

Cause: Ignoring Slopes and Breaks in the Green

  • Cure: Take the time to read the green and understand the slopes and breaks. Pay attention to the subtle contours that can influence the direction of the putt. Develop a keen eye for reading greens and adjust your alignment accordingly.

Cause: Inconsistent Putter Length or Lie Angle

  • Cure: Ensure that your putter is the correct length and has the appropriate lie angle for your setup and stroke. Seek professional advice or get fitted for a putter that suits your specifications.

Cause: Lack of Practice and Repetition

  • Cure: Dedicate time to practice your alignment on the putting green regularly. Develop a consistent routine that includes alignment checks and drills. The more you practice, the more natural and automatic proper alignment will become.

Cause: Mental Blocks and Negative Self-Talk

  • Cure: Work on your mental game and develop a positive mindset. Eliminate negative self-talk and replace it with affirmations and confidence-building thoughts. Visualize successful putts and approach each putt with a belief in your ability to align correctly.

Remember, achieving proper alignment takes practice and attention to detail. Be patient and committed to improving your putting alignment. Seek guidance from a putting instructor or golf professional if you need personalized feedback and assistance. With consistent effort, you can overcome bad putter alignment and improve your overall putting performance.