Top Tips on Why to Hit Inside Part of the Ball

    If you have ever dealt with swing plane issues, or struggled with a snap hook… then it is time to look at where exactly on the ball you are making contact. I know it is very difficult to know exactly where on the ball you are making contact, but with a few simple tweaks to your golf swing, you will be making proper contact and hitting the shots you have always wanted to hit. I realize everyone wants to hit the high draw, and even hit the ball farther, but it all comes down to contact with the ball. I know there are thousands of different articles and tips out there that state to be the “cure all” but I will give you some tips that I have applied throughout my career to help me along the way.

    First off, I want to explain why it is even important to hit the inside part of the ball. To be honest, it all comes down to having the text book swing. When I say this, I mean that the ideal golf swing has a negative plane. This means you are dropping your elbows and hands a bit at the top of the swing, allowing for your arms to move from outside- in. This allows for you to swing to the inside of the golf ball, resulting in the ideal contact. I realize what I just said can be extremely confusing at first, but for clarity, take a look at Keegan Bradley’s swing for example. At the very top of this swing, you will see his hands dip slightly to the inside, allowing for him to make contact with the inside of the ball… resulting in much better contact, and ultimately better ball striking and distance. Keegan has some of the best ball striking on tour, and he hits the ball very far, which has to do with where exactly he is making contact with the club face to the ball. A good drill for working on this motion, is to honestly just have someone film your swing. It is very difficult to feel the motion by simply swinging, so do yourself a favor and record your swing. Keep your focus on your hands at the top of the swing and just before you bring them back down to begin the follow through, drop them the slightest bit. From here, complete your swing and you are good to go. I do caution you, this will not be a quick 5 minute fix, it will take you time to memorize this motion, and confidently apply it to your swing.

    The next thing I want to discuss, is why? Why do you need to change from your normal approach and make the attempt to hit the inside of the ball? Well, the first thing that I want you to answer is: Do you like to hit a fade or even a slice? If you answered no to this, then continue reading. When you take the club from the inside – out, which is what the Keegan Bradley motion allows for you to do, then you are also preventing a slice and encouraging a draw. The draw is by far the most eye-appealing shot in the game, and every golfer enjoys hitting a big, powerful draw down the middle of the fairway. When you are making contact with the inside of the ball, you are ensuring that contact is consistent and the ball is starting down the intended target line… with a slight draw of course. This swing motion is designed to eliminate the block, and even the slice. When the contact is pure and consistent, and you are hitting the inside portion of the golf ball, a draw is imminent.

    As I mentioned earlier, this is not going to be a quick 5 minute fix. It took me weeks to master this technique, and to be honest, I still focus on this motion when I am on the range practicing. I will leave you with one challenge to ensure you are properly applying these tips: Set aside two weeks of practice. During in this time, you will not step foot on the golf course. I want all of your focus to be on your hands and what they do at the top of your swing prior to the downswing. I also want you to record your swing, because this will allow for you to properly see what exactly you are doing at the top. After you have invested two solid weeks of range time to this motion, then you can take to the course and relish in your hard work. If you are still battling a fade, then no worries, it may just take you quite a bit more time to master this one. On the other hand, if you are hitting the draw you have desired to hit for so long, then great job, and keep pushing to perfect it.