Make A Golf Chip Shot Spin More 1

Watching a golf ball land on the green from a chip shot, check up and stop quickly, therefore having the backspin to make the golf ball finish towards the flag with control and precision, is a shot most amateur's dream of.

This tip will help you create more backspin than you have created before when chipping.

The secret to creating more backspin whilst chipping on to the green is the preparation and circumstances of the shot in hand.

The important points to create more backspin are:

  • Clean golf clubs and sharp grooves are vital when attempting to create more backspin. Debris and dirt in the groves affect how much the grooves grab on to the golf ball, therefore affecting how much spin is generated. Sharp grooves are also a vital aspect to create greater backspin. If the grooves are sharp, the edges can bite into the golf ball grabbing the cover of the ball to create more backspin.
  • The golf ball quality is also a crucial aspect when attempting to create backspin. Ideally, the golf ball cover needs to be soft enough for the grooves of the golf club to bite into it to create the backspin that is needed. If the golf ball cover is too hard, the grooves will struggle to grab the ball making it spin on the club face.
  • A quality strike is one of the most important factors when creating backspin. Ideally, the golf ball needs to be struck first then the turf after, creating a downward blow that continues through the surface to create a divot beyond the golf ball.
  • Confident acceleration through impact is imperative to create the speed that the golf club needs to create maximum backspin on the golf ball. Always make sure when looking to create backspin that the shot is hit with 100% confidence and commitment.
  • The playing surface needs to be correct when looking for maximum backspin. The surface that you are hitting from and the surface you are hitting into have to be in good condition to create maximum backspin on the golf ball. The surface you are hitting from needs to be a fairway surface or short grass. This will maximize the likeliness of creating a perfect strike on the golf ball to create the best possible amount of backspin. If the grass is too long, there is a much greater chance of trapping some grass between the club face and the golf ball which will affect the strike quality. The green you are hitting into ideally wants to be receptive so that the ball leaves a pitch mark and is a fast green to maximize the ball speed when the golf ball lands with a great deal of backspin.

Key tip – All the above factors will maximize the amount of backspin you create, however backspin can and will be achievable with only a few of the above important factors in place.