Fundamental #1 – Match Tempo to Personality

Fundamental #1 – Match Tempo to Personality

Have you ever thought about how your personality might affect your golf swing? If not, the time to start is now. Your personality has a great deal to do with the tempo that you should use in your swing, and matching the two up can have a powerful effect on your game as a whole. The best players are able to swing in a way that makes sense given the personality they carry on and off the course. As human beings we are all different, and those differences can be seen throughout everything we do in life – including swinging a golf club.

Matching up your swing tempo with your personality is going to come down to thinking about the speed with which you move through your day to day life. Are you a person who walks and talks quickly, and is always on the go? Or are you someone who takes a laid back approach to life, and is rarely in a hurry to get anywhere? Those who move through life quickly are going to want to move through their swing quickly as well. On the other hand, those who take a leisurely pace in the off-course life should think about swinging the club slowly to match that attitude. You don’t want your swing to be running counter to the person that you are on the inside, so pairing up the speed of your swing to the pace of your life only makes sense.

This is why it is so important to avoid the temptation to copy the tempo of another golfer’s swing. It is unlikely that you have the exact same personality as that player, so copying their tempo is probably going to lead to disappointment in the quality of your shots. Take care to think about how you live your life and then build a golf swing that makes sense for you. It is important to be honest with yourself in this process as well – don’t create a slow swing just because you wish you were more relaxed in life. Be true to who you are, and you might be surprised at how well your golf ball will respond.

Of course, the possibility exists that you are already using a tempo that is well suited to your personality. To decide if your tempo needs work or not, simply pay attention to how your swing feels during your next round of golf. Don’t try to make any changes at this point – just be observant of what is going on with your swing and how your body is responding. Does the action feel too fast or too slow? Do you feel like you are having to speed yourself up or slow yourself down in order to make the swing? You should feel comfortable and natural while swinging the club, so any other sensations are a sure sign that change is required.

In addition to making your golf swing more effective, matching up your personality to your tempo will also help in making you more consistent from day to day. You might be able to ‘fake’ your way through a round or two while using a tempo that isn’t natural to you, but that success is never going to last. Golf is a hard enough game when everything is working in your favor – don’t make it even harder by forcing yourself to swing in a way that isn’t true to your personality and style. Once you have settled on a swing pace that you can trust and produce time after time, you will be a big step closer to reaching your potential.