5 Golf Tips on How to Hit Better Drives

    1. 5 Golf Tips on How to Hit Better Drives

    If you took a poll of all of the golfers at your local course next weekend and asked them which club in the bag was their favorite, there would likely be a clear winner – the driver. Most golfers love to hit the driver because it goes the farthest, but also because it can actually be the easiest club in the bag to hit once you understand the proper technique. Even for players who struggle to hit their driver straight most of the time, there are usually at least one or two great drives during the round that offer excitement and satisfaction. The feeling of hitting a driver right on the sweet spot and watching the ball sail down the fairway is one that is rarely matched on the golf course.

    Should You Consider A Sweeping Swing? Golf Tip

    2. Should You Consider A Sweeping Swing? Golf Tip

    The advantages of a sweeping swing. The club head comes into the ball on a flatter swing plane, enlarging the contact zone at the bottom of your swing arc. You will be less likely to come down too early and steep, digging into the ground (fat shot).When you do happen to hit the ground before the ball, a sweeping path will be more forgiving because the club head will be more likely to slide over the ground and into the ball. This gives you a much better chance for a decent shot even when you contact the ground early.

    Toe Up for Straighter Golf Shots

    3. Toe Up for Straighter Golf Shots

    Controlling the position of the club face is one of your most important jobs as a golfer. As long as you have control over the club face throughout your swing, you should be able to hit consistent shots that fly in the direction of your target time after time. However, if your club face position is changing dramatically during your swing, you will find it rather difficult to even strike the ball solidly at impact. Learning how to manage the club face is a large part of making yourself into a better player.

    Improve Your Golf Swing Tempo With These Tips

    4. Improve Your Golf Swing Tempo With These Tips

    When was the last time you worked on the tempo of your golf swing? If you are like most players, the answer to that question might be never. Tempo is one of the key elements to a consistent and powerful swing, yet most golfers ignore it completely during their practice sessions. When you allow yourself to get caught up in the technical aspects of the swing while on the driving range, it is easy to forget just how important a good tempo is to your success.

    How to Leverage Your Power with Downswing Squat - Golf Tip

    5. How to Leverage Your Power with Downswing Squat – Golf Tip

    Every golfer wants more power. From the beginning player at a local municipal course all the way up to the top players in the world, every golfer would love to be able to hit it just a little bit further. Longer drives mean shorter approach shots, and those shorter approach shots should lead to more pars and birdies. In addition to helping you lower your scores, hitting the ball long distance is just plain fun. Once you learn what it feels like to blast a long drive right down the middle of the fairway, you will want to do it over and over again.

    Pull Down Right Elbow to Stop Casting Club

    6. Pull Down Right Elbow to Stop Casting Club

    Casting the club just might be the most-common problem among amateur golfers. Despite that fact, there are plenty of amateur golfers who don't even know what it means to 'cast the club', or why it is so damaging to the golf swing. If you are a player who struggles with the slice on a regular basis, it is almost certain that you are casting the club to some degree. To get rid of your slice, the casting motion has to go away – it is just that simple.

    7. Golf Swing Thoughts: The All-Time Top 5

    The mechanical part of preparing to hit a golf shot is not particularly complicated. As long as you have a solid stance and an established pre-shot routine, you should be able to get yourself ready to start the swing in just moments. In fact, if you are an experienced golfer, you probably don't even need to think about this piece of the puzzle when on the course. Most experienced players go into 'auto-pilot' as they prepare to hit a shot, taking a club from the bag and seamlessly proceeding to move through their pre-shot routine and into their stance.

    How & Why: Stay Behind the Golf Ball

    8. How & Why: Stay Behind the Golf Ball

    Although you stand next to the golf ball while making a swing, staying 'behind the golf ball' is actually one of most important fundamentals in the game. So what does it mean to stay behind the ball? When you arrive at impact, you are behind the ball if your head has not drifted past the ball and closer to the target. Ideally, your head will be slightly behind the ball (or right over top of it) so you can attack down through the shot aggressively. Players who get past the ball during the downswing will always struggle to hit powerful shots on the correct line.

    Fingers Play Key Role in the Golf Swing

    9. Fingers Play Key Role in the Golf Swing

    >Discussion of the golf grip focuses largely on the hands' placement from left to right on the handle – the “strong” “neutral” and “weak” positions. What's often lost is how the fingers interact with the club. Examine the proper positioning and role of each finger in the grip and the swing. First, a couple of points: 1) Pressure from all 10 fingers should remain constant from the setup through the swing. Most teachers advocate pressure of about 5 on a 1-10 scale. 2) The fingers should not leave the club at any point.

    Improve Downswing Transition with Simple Golf Drill

    10. Improve Downswing Transition with Simple Golf Drill

    There are a few points during the golf swing that can be described as 'make-or-break'. If you make a wrong move during any of these points, your shot is likely to go awry. One of the make-or-break moments is, obviously, impact. If you aren't in the right position when the club impacts the ball, you won't have any hope of hitting a good shot. Another make-or-break moment in the swing is the transition from backswing to downswing. This is the only point during the swing where the club changes direction, so it is absolutely essential that you get it right. If you lose track of your fundamentals at this crucial point in the swing, you will likely be disappointed in the outcome of the shot at hand.