Hit The Golf Ball Straighter Through The Gateway, Tour Alignment Stick Drill 1

This is a simple exercise to help improve direction and practice hitting the golf ball straighter, towards the target.

It is always helpful to visualize the flight of the golf ball to the target. Watching any golf professional playing in a tournament reveals some interesting preparation to hit the ball at their intended target. During the pre-shot routine, it is usual to see a professional stand back behind the ball and visualise the ball flight in their mind.

Then after getting the feel for the shot they are about to play, the professional will aim to the target using a particular point on the ground. This not only helps in aligning the body to the target, but also gives the player a specific point as a marker to strike the golf ball over, to make sure that the ball sets out correctly on the intended target line.

This exercise uses two tour sticks to help practice the pre-shot routine and the visualization of the shape of the golf shot, by creating a corridor to ensure that the player is starting the ball out on the correct line to the target.

Hit The Golf Ball Straighter Through The Gateway, Tour Alignment Stick Drill 3

To set up this exercise, place the pointed end of the two tour sticks into the ground, approximately 10 feet in front of the golf ball, so that the line to the target passes directly through the middle of them. They should be 6 to 12 inches apart, providing a gap for the ball to be hit through. The sticks should be angled facing away from the direction of the shot for safety, making sure that the ball will not ricochet backwards if one is to be hit. Placing the tour sticks in this position creates a visual corridor through which the golf ball can be driven through the gap between the sticks, towards the target. When the ball travels through the corridor, feedback is gained as we know that the ball is setting off to the target on the correct line.

As an additional note, when hitting the shot, the golf club should also be driven forwards toward the corridor of tour sticks by the arms. The arms should be fully extended, with the feeling of reaching out through the sticks to the target. The tendency for golfers is to pull the arms into the body, which will take the club, and therefore the ball away from the target. Feeling this reaching action helps to drive the ball out, straight down the line, and through the target corridor. Practice this drill for straighter shots to the target.