Develop More Power With The Golf Belt Buckle Drill 1

This is a fantastic drill to help drive through the golf ball, increasing ball striking ability and developing more power.

To be a consistent golfer, the focus for the golf swing must be balance and control. The finish position in the swing, after the shot is hit, can be just as important as what goes on before. Unfortunately, most golfers tend to ignore this part of the swing as the ball has already been hit. However, this part of the golf swing is the only position that can be used, other than the ball, to give feedback as to the performance during the shot. If anything was incorrect in the stance, grip, takeaway or any other part of the swing, it shows up at this point. Therefore, the finish position at the end of the shot is the best indicator of what has gone before it.

For this drill, use two tour sticks to practice the finish position and ensure the correct turn through the ball. Line one stick up on the ground, parallel to the target line, to ensure that the body is able to aim and produce a swing in the correct direction. At this point, make sure that the feet, knees, hips and shoulders are all in harmony and on the same line according to the stick on the floor. Stand the second stick in the ground, positioned vertically upwards and touching the outside of the front foot.

Develop More Power With The Golf Belt Buckle Drill 3

During the downswing, to drive the power into the golf ball and to make sure that the club head is driven downwards and forwards through the ball, the body weight needs to move from the back foot on to the front foot through the rotation of the lower body. The objective for this drill is to focus on the belt buckle of the trousers and where it points in relation to the vertical stick in front of the stance.

When hitting the shot, make sure that the hips and shoulders turn forwards through the swing whilst staying as tall as possible, keeping the posture upright and straight. At the completion of the swing, the head should turn as it gets pushed forward by the right shoulder, which will culminate in a finish position that is very upright, standing completely on the front leg. At this point, check the finishing position to make sure that the hips have rotated fully through the shot so that the belt buckle is turned and facing in line with the vertical tour stick in front of the stance. Ending up in this position produces a well-balanced and fully rotated motion through the ball, therefore, creating more power but retaining consistency through a smoother turn.