Top 3 Tips on How to Aim Your Club

    Although that aiming the club sounds fairly simple, I will be the first to tell you… don’t take this lightly. When you are looking at your club, and the correct aim points, there are many things that play a major factor: Face alignment, feet alignment, shoulder alignment, and general body alignment. During this section we will cover each of these separately, as well as a few drills you can apply to ensure you are aiming each part of the body (and club) towards your intended target line. I do realize everyone claims to have the “cure-all” and I can honestly admit that I do not have that for you. What I can give you, are a few drills that I have been able to apply to my golf game throughout my many years. If you can invest the correct amount of time towards each one of the following drills, you will see the success you are looking for.

    The first aiming point I want you to focus on with your setup, if the feet. We will be working from the ground up, because honestly, the feet are the number one most important part of aiming correctly. If you are not aimed down the intended target line, then you guessed it, the shot will start off line and you will struggle with accuracy. The good news, is that I have a few very strong drills for you to apply, with the first being the obvious… use an alignment stick when you are practicing. As with every single aspect of the golf game, practice makes perfect, and repetition is vital to your success in aiming the body and golf club correctly. When you go to the range, I want you to use the alignment stick (or another golf club) and place it down your intended target line. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, but you get the point. The alignment stick will help you practice aiming down the intended target line, and by practicing this throughout your entire practice, you will become more and more comfortable with your alignment which helps you when you are on the course.

    The next aiming point I want you to focus on is, well, the rest of your body. Now that we have your feet aimed correctly, we need to ensure the rest of your body is lined up down the same line… or yep, you will struggle with accuracy. The best way to check your body alignment is to set up to your normal shot (your feet should be lined up down the stick line that you have placed on the ground). While you are addressing the ball, I want you to simply pull the golf club up to your shoulders, and check your target line. If you are doing this correctly, then you should see the golf club on your shoulders lined up with the stick at your feet. If you are not lined up correctly, then make the proper adjustments and move forward. As with every single drill I provide, please invest the time with this one. I know it sounds very simple, but you need to continue to focus on your body alignment to ensure you are getting the accuracy you desire.

    Now that we have your body aligned correctly, it is time to focus on your golf club. If you are an avid golfer, then you know that an open club face will be a blocked shot, and a closed club face vice versa. With this section, we will focus mainly on aiming the club straight and working the golf ball down the intended target line… straight, and pretty. So, we have your feet lined up correctly, your body lined up correctly, and now we need the club to match… right? What I want you to do is take a golf tee and put it about two feet in front of your golf ball… right down the intended target line. When you are practicing, use the tee as your aim point and ensure the club is aiming right at it on all shots. The same setup can be applied to your game on the course, simply pick out a spot on the ground about two feet in front of you (down the intended target line) and make that your aiming point… and there you have it.

    I get it, this portion sounded very easy and you may be thinking you can tweak each of these in minutes… well let’s avoid that path. I want you to invest ample time into each one of these, slowly adding the next step in as you become more comfortable with the previous. As you continue to progress, keep the focus on each part of the body to ensure you are aiming right down your intended target line.