How To Use Leverage to Your Advantage
    1. How To Use Leverage to Your Advantage

    One way to improve your game is to use leverage to your advantage. Making an efficient golf swing is the best way to find power in your swing without having to hit the gym, or even overhaul your existing mechanics. Improving the leverage in your swing can actually be a relatively simple thing, however many golfers are never able to make it happen. Only when you understand where leverage can be found in your swing, and how you can unlock it, will you really be able to live up to your full potential on the course.

    Too Strong A Golf Grip Causes What?
    2. Too Strong A Golf Grip Causes What?

    The reason most golfers are better off deploying a neutral grip than a strong grip relates to how the club face should move through the swing. The club face should rotate away from the ball following the swing path; a strong grip tends to hold the club face closed. This means the golfer's club face is already pointing left of the target throughout the back swing. Through impact, unless the golfer manipulates the club face, the ball will shoot off to the left.

    Proper Arm Setup And Alignment
    3. Proper Arm Setup And Alignment

    The arms are like the rubber band in a slingshot. Pull them back to the correct position and let them fly! First, however, make sure the arms are in position to soar, not suppress. In golf, the address is the most important and controllable part of the swing.

    At address the arms should be in a position to allow a bit of arm swing during the takeaway before the shoulders and chest even start to turn. As the arms start to swing, the left arm will create the connection with your chest. To make sure your arms work correctly during the takeaway, do this drill ensure you distance from the ball and posture are not hindering your ability to create arm swing.

    What Is The Correct Golf Ball Position
    4. What Is The Correct Golf Ball Position

    There are a number of important fundamentals related to the golf swing, and proper ball position is certainly on that list. Correct golf ball placement at address is vital to the consistency of your performance on the course because you can only control your ball flight if you are putting the ball at the same point in your stance shot after shot. Many golfers struggle with inconsistent golf ball position, which puts them in an uphill battle to hitting good shots. You might think there is a problem with your golf swing itself because of the poor shots you are hitting, but the trouble could be hiding in your golf ball placement all along.

    What Is The Correct Amount Knee Bend In Setup?
    5. What Is The Correct Amount Knee Bend In Setup?

    You may have heard the expression, “set up like you are sitting on a bar stool.” However, the correct golf stance with knee bend places more emphasis on creating the proper spine angle rather than bending at the knees. In fact, the entire golf swing revolves around the correct spine angle with a slight knee bend.

    Is It Best Use Strong Grip For Powerful Release?
    6. Is It Best Use Strong Grip For Powerful Release?

    Most golf instructors advocate gripping the club with the hands in a “neutral” position. The telltale sign is when the crease between the thumb and forefinger of both hands point at (or near) the right-handed golfer’s right ear when addressing the ball.

    The neutral golf grip may be considered ideal, but many players can benefit from rotating the hands a touch to the right, or into a “strong” position. A stronger grip can cure a number of ills, including slicing and a lack of power.

    While most professionals’ grips are neutral or close to it, notable pros with strong grips include Fred Couples and Paul Azinger.

    Best Choke Up on the Club for Better Contact
    7. Best Choke Up on the Club for Better Contact

    Two of the most important elements to playing good golf are hitting accurate shots and making solid contact. In fact, those two things usually go hand in hand. When you hit the ball accurately, you are typically hitting it solid as well, as vice versa. Most golfers would love to add both accuracy and improved contact to their game because that combination will surely lead to lower scores.

    One way that you can take a 'shortcut' toward hitting better shots is through choking up on the club. By moving your hands up the grip toward the club head (ordown the grip, depending on how you look at it), you can shorten the effective length of the club, making it easier to hit the ball solidly. When you move your hands closer to the club head, your whole swing gets shorter, adding to the control that you have over the club as it moves back and through. If you have trouble finding the sweet spot on a consistent basis, this is one quick adjustment that you could make to instantly find better contact.

    Learning How to Address the Golf Ball Correctly
    8. Learning How to Address the Golf Ball Correctly

    Golf is all about removing variables prior to making a swing. You want to get everything in just the right spot to give your swing the best chance at success. If you are taking a different address position prior to every swing, you will stand very little chance of finding consistency with your ball flight throughout the round. Taking a quality, repeatable address position allows you to check one item off of your swing to-do list. Even if you change nothing else about your swing, simply improving your address position can go a long way.

    What is the Trigger Finger In Golf?
    9. What is the Trigger Finger In Golf?

    While the grip is a highly personal thing, and there are plenty of different grips that have led to quality ball striking over the years, there is an argument to be made that all golfers should use the trigger finger. At the very least, you should give this style of grip a try to see if it is able to help improve the consistency of your swing. You want to have control over the golf club at all points during the swing, and the trigger finger might be able to help you toward that goal.

    What Is Best Grip Pressure for More Distance?
    10. What Is Best Grip Pressure for More Distance?

    Grip pressure in golf is one of those small details that is often overlooked. Even if you know that a light grip pressure in golf is ideal, you might not have spent too much time thinking about it, or working on it during your practice sessions. It is easy to let your mind get caught up in other areas of the swing while forgetting that the pressure you put on the grip with your hands has a lot to do with where the ball is going to end up. From tee to green, grip pressure in golf is a major factor that serious golfers will spend time working on in order to make big improvements.