Nearly every golf teacher and pro agrees that when given a chance to hit an iron shot from the tee box – as on a par-3 hole – you should place it on a peg.

Unfortunately, many amateurs turn this advantage into a detriment by teeing the ball too high. Thinking this will propel the ball into the air, they sweep underneath it, make contact with the top of the club, and watch the ball fall well short of the green.

Teeing the ball too high, even just a little, can also cause you to pull or hook the shot. That’s because the higher it rests above your feet, the flatter (more horizontal) your swing plane becomes.

Of course, different irons require different teeing heights. When teeing up the long and mid-irons (3-7), the base of the tee cup should be just above the ground. For short irons, push the peg into the turf until just a tiny bit of it sticks up.

Here’s a visual aid: Picture a perfect lie in the fairway for the club you’re using, and mimic it when teeing the ball.