In order to hit your best golf shots, you need to swing the golf club on the proper swing path, so here we are going to discuss what this means and how to achieve it.

    What Is The Proper Swing Path For Senior Golfers To Use, To Hit Their Best Golf Shots

    Swing path simply means the direction that the club head is travelling in as it strikes the golf ball. If you place an alignment pole on the floor so that it is pointing towards the target and then stand parallel to this so that you can swing your golf club over the top of it, the correct swing path through the golf ball is one where the club head travels down the alignment pole towards the target. If you swing the club head in this way, with the club face also pointing down the alignment pole towards the target, then you will hit a straight golf shot.

    If you swing the club head across the alignment pole, from the far side of the pole to the side you are standing on, this is an out to in swing path and if you swing across the pole the other way, from your side to the far side, this is an in to out swing path.

    The proper swing path would allow the club head to travel directly along the alignment pole towards the target.

    To help you achieve this correct swing path, try working on the following drill the next time you are at the range or practice ground. Place the alignment pole on the ground so that it points at the target. Now take six golf balls to create a channel with, three on one side of the pole and three on the other side. Place a golf ball in line with the golf ball you are going to hit but just on the far side of the alignment pole and then place one just on the inside of the alignment pole as well.

    Now take two more golf balls and do the same but six inches to the right and then place the other two golf balls either side of the alignment pole but six inches to the left. This will now create a channel between the six golf balls for you to practice swinging the golf club down. Work on hitting a ball from the middle of the channel without hitting any of the additional six golf balls and if your club face is pointing down the channel at the target as you hit, you will produce a straight golf shot.