The Main Cause Of Senior Golfers Playing Inconsistent Golf Shots

    If you find that you are playing a lot of inconsistent golf shots when out on the golf course, the main reason for this will be because you are not hitting the shots from the middle of the club face.

    To improve this, initially focus on achieving a consistent set up position to play your golf shots from. Create a well balanced, stable base to make your swing from and achieve a stable spine angle to rotate your body around. Maintain your head height throughout your swing and keep the same amount of flex in your knees during your movement.

    Now work on the following drill. If you have any face tape you can use this to provide evidence of where on the club face the ball was struck from. The centre of the club face is known as the sweet spot and it is where consistent golfers strike the ball from as it creates maximum shot distance and accuracy. We are going to call the sweet spot a 10/10 if the ball is struck from here. It is a 10 for centredness from the bottom to the top of the club face (vertically) and it is also a 10 for centredness from the toe of the club, the far side, to the heel (horizontally). The further away that the connection is made from the middle, the lower the number drops. The outside of the club face is a zero.

    Play your golf shot and then score where the connection was made on the club face. If the connection drops from the middle down towards the bottom of the face, the number will drop down from 10, depending upon how far away from the middle the ball was struck on the face and the same horizontally. If you score say a 7/5 towards the toe, the ball was struck slightly low on the face and half way from the centre of the face towards the toe. If you have face tape you can now check where the impact mark has been left on the tape and see if it is actually where you thought it was. You can now make the adjustment to work on scoring closer to a 10/10 on your next shot.

    With practice, this will really improve the consistency of your golf shots and you will see a massive improvement in your length, accuracy and ball striking when out on the golf course.