The Correct Way To Hit A 3 Wood Off The Fairway, Senior Golf Tip

Striking a 3 wood from the fairway is one of the most technically demanding shots in golf which the senior player needs to master.

As courses become longer and longer, the ability to rip the 3 wood off the deck becomes a necessity and once mastered, can become a deadly weapon. There are a few things which need to be in place before the senior attempts the shot.

When to hit the shot

The first thing which needs to be assessed is the lie of the ball. To hit a successful 3 wood from the fairway the ball will need to have a nice lie. A ball which has a bare lie or has nestled down will be more difficult to strike. The shot is also high tariff and should only be attempted when the senior is confident in their ability to complete the shot.

The technique

1. Address the ball with the feet shoulder width apart and the ball positioned a few inches inside the left heel.

2. Keep balanced whilst swinging the club back and through, the senior golfer can’t afford their body weight to drift too far on to their back or front foot.

3. When swinging the club away seniors should take their time and concentrate on maintaining a smooth rhythm, there is no need to swing too hard or rush a 3 wood shot from the fairway.

4. The ball needs to be struck with a slightly descending blow. This should be achieved by moving the ball position a few inches inside the left heel. It’s a slightly different technique to strike the ball off a tee when the ball is met with a slightly ascending blow.

5. If struck correctly, the club should bruise the ground slightly after impact.

6. The senior golfer shouldn’t try to lift the ball upwards but strike down and through trusting the loft to send the ball skyward.

7. Finish the swing in a full balanced position. Losing balance during the swing could cause an inconsistent contact.

Grip down for added control

If the senior golfer struggles to control both the strike and direction of a 3 wood shot from the fairway they can try altering their grip. By holding the club a few inches down the grip, the club length will be shortened. This will add extra control for the senior but could also lead to a loss in distance; this should be taken into account before playing the shot.