How Senior Golfers Should Play A Golf Punch Shot Correctly

    It is really important for senior golfers to correctly understand the role of your footwork during your golf swing if you are going to play successful golf shots.

    Initially, your feet provide the base for you to make your golf swing movement from. This base should be shoulder width apart to provide you with a stable base to swing from and you should work on achieving balance between your feet so get your weight even and in the middle of your feet.

    During your backswing, your centre of gravity will shift slightly to your right (for right handed golfers) so you may feel your weight slightly increasing on your right foot as you swing back but work on maintaining flat feet, not allowing yourself to roll your right foot over to the outside – keep your weight in the middle of your foot.

    Your feet then instigate your downswing movement by allowing you to push your weight from your right to left foot as you rotate your hips and shoulders towards the target. Feel like you are pushing your weight off your right foot and allow your right foot to rotate on to the instep with your heel lifting from the floor as this happens. At impact you should feel 70% of your weight on your left foot and have your right foot rotated on to its instep with your right heel raised from the ground. Your left foot remains stable and in its initial start position as there is no movement within this foot.

    As you continue into your follow through, your right foot continues to rotate so the shoelaces on this foot point towards the target. The only part of your shoe in contact with the ground now on your right side is your toe. 90% of your weight should finish on your left foot but again there is no movement within the foot. Your weight will move towards your left heel but your foot will remain static. If you struggle to maintain a stable left foot position then place a golf ball on the inside of your left heel and another on the outside of your left toes. Make your golf swing and work on keeping your left foot really static so that neither of the golf balls move.

    Achieving this correct footwork during your golf swing with provide you with increased balance and stability, making your ball striking much more consistent and transferring your weight from right to left as discussed will increase the length you are able to hit the ball.