Every golf ball will have some sort of marking or writing on it. This may even be something you have marked on yourself to help you aim your putts.

How To Create A Smooth Head Over Heel Rolling Putt, Senior Golf Tip
This marking can be a good indicator of a smooth, successful putting action. If the marking is positioned online with the target at set up and a good putt is hit, the line will roll straight, end over end, and track towards the target – this is a smooth, head over heel, rolling putt. If the putting action is not so good or there is a mis-strike then the line will wobble as it rolls which is a sign that the putt has not been hit purely.

If the ball rolls head over heels so that the line on the ball rolls straight, then we have a good indicator to say that the putt is a good one that will roll accurately and a consistent distance. The challenge is to get this head over heels action consistently occurring all of the time.

To create a correctly rolling putt, focus on your set up position for best results.

– Place two alignment sticks or golf clubs on the floor pointing parallel at a hole approximately three feet away.

– Place the alignment sticks or golf clubs so that they are just over the width of a putter's head apart.

– Take your golf ball and position it in the middle of the alignment sticks so that the writing, or any markings, on the golf ball are pointing in a direct line with the hole. Use this marking as your aim line, it is free help on the putting green that you can't use anywhere else on the golf course.

Set up correctly to the ball using the following points:

1. Position your feet just over shoulder width apart and parallel to the alignment sticks or golf clubs.

2. Position the ball in-between your feet so that it is in the front half (slightly nearer the front foot than the back foot) of the stance.

3. Get close enough to the golf ball so that you can lean forward until your eyes are directly over the ball. This is the crucial point – check and double check this!

4. Let the arms dangle and wherever they hang, hold the golf club.

5. Take your normal putter grip on the golf club making sure that there is no tension and you are holding it loosely.

You are now set up to roll the ball perfectly end over end.

When making the putting action, use the shoulders to power the stroke and keep the putter head in-between the two alignment sticks throughout the entirety of the stroke. It should be simple to do this if you followed the set up instructions correctly.

Set up correctly and roll the ball consistently and accurately in a head over heels motion to improve your putting.