How To Correctly Play The Best Knock-Down Golf Shot. Swing Tip For Senior Golfers

    This swing tip video will show you how to correctly play a knock-down golf shot.

    A knock-down golf shot is a shot where you deliberately control the trajectory of the golf shot to keep the ball flight low. It is a great golf shot to be able to hit well for two reasons.

    Firstly, it will provide you with a great recovery shot if you get out of position whilst out on the golf course, allowing you to play effective shots from under over hanging branches.

    Secondly, it will also allow you to play really well in windy conditions as you will be able to keep your shots accurate. Playing under the wind, rather than hitting the ball up into the wind, will allow you to maintain the accuracy of your golf shots, rather than see them blown off course from their intended target.

    To control the trajectory of your ball flight and hit a low knock-down shot, initially play the ball further back in your stance than you usually would as this will allow you to present the club head back to the ball on your downswing, when the club face is de-lofted, producing a low flight. Lean the shaft of the golf club so that the handle is closer to the target than the club head and to get your hands ahead, or more left (for right handed golfers) of the golf ball and club head. Again, doing this will de-loft the club face, producing a lower ball flight.

    As you swing the club back away from the ball, maintain a straight line between your left arm and the club shaft. If you hinge your wrist, you will hit a high shot, so keep the straight line of your left arm and the golf club and restrict your backswing length to just above waist height at the most, depending upon the distance you require with the shot.

    From this waist high position, drive the club back down towards the ball and ensure you hit the ball with the golf club shaft leaning forward, handle towards the target. Your follow through will be very stunted as you need to keep the straight line of your left arm and the golf club through the shot and maintain the shaft angle. The club head will finish lower than your hands and your follow though will be waist high, if that.

    To help you get the correct feeling of how to play the shot, try the following. Take an alignment pole, place it behind your left arm and then hold both the alignment pole and the handle of the golf club with the correct grip. The alignment pole will rest on your left rib cage and ensure you create the correct straight line position with your left arm and the golf club.

    Make a swing back and through and maintain the alignment pole contact with your left rib cage as you do this and this will get you hitting a great knock-down golf shot.