How The Claw Grip Can Help The Senior With Putting
For many senior golfers, over time putting can become a very difficult skill as inevitably a golfer will miss many putts during their golfing career.

This can lead to a lack of confidence and trust in putting technique and because of this many golfers can struggle with putting, particularly later in life, and may even give up the game because it is so frustrating. For this reason, many different types of putting grip have been developed to control technique and give the golfer a change in style from the orthodox putting technique of a simple left hand above right hand (for right handed golfers) grip of the golf club.

Changing grip can increase confidence and give a fresh perspective and new life to an experienced golfer on the greens. One such grip that has become popular and is very effective, although unusual, is the 'claw' grip.

Follow the instructions below and try it out to get over some serious putting problems.

Note: These instructions are for right handed golfers, please change for left handed golfers.

1. Place the left hand on the top of the putting grip as normal with the thumb pointing straight down the flat, front side of the putter grip.

2. The right hand is placed below the left but approaches the grip from the right hand side. The four fingers of the right hand stay straight and sit across the flat of the front of the grip. The thumb of the right hand wraps around the back and the side of the handle securing the right hand in place.

3. The left hand holds the club softly yet firmly and provides the rocking motion and power of the stroke.

4. The right hand keeps the putter balanced and on-line and provides absolutely no power whatsoever. The putter is held incredibly lightly in this hand.

Placing the right hand in this way means that any wrist action is greatly reduced meaning that the big muscles of the shoulders control the putting stroke thus promoting consistency and a great roll on the ball. It also lowers the right arm slightly at set up which helps the shoulders to square up and aim at the target correctly.

To perfect the claw grip make sure that the right hand is holding the grip extremely lightly. Get some golf balls on the putting green and hit a few putts one handed, with just your left hand holding the golf club. Then introduce the right hand but still feel that the left hand is doing all the work and the right hand is light in pressure and extremely passive in the putting motion.

Next time that you are struggling with your putting try the claw grip, although it looks and feels a bit odd, it will freshen up your confidence and when you hole more putts you soon won't care what you look like.