How Senior Golfers Can Hit Further By Keeping Their Thumbs Up For A Late Release

Learning to swing with a late release will really help you generate maximum club head speed through impact which in turn will result in you achieving maximum shot distance.

When you release during your golf swing, this simply means that during your downswing the angle that you create between your left arm and the club shaft at the top of your backswing is released from the angle to a straight line between your left arm and the club shaft.

More consistent players and longer hitters release this angle into a straight line at the very last second as they strike the ball. This then results in maximum club head speed being delivered to the golf ball as it is struck and produces longer golf shots.

To improve when you are releasing the golf club and to get it as late as possible, work on keeping your thumbs up as you make your downswing. Initiate your downswing by rotating your lower body towards the target, so turn your knees and then pelvis towards the target. As this rotation moves into your upper body, your arms will make a down movement towards the ball. As your arms pull downwards work on keeping your thumbs pointing up at the sky. This will maintain the angle that you created between your left arm and the club shaft. If you allow your thumbs to point out to your right (for right handed golfers) as you swing down, you will be releasing the club so keep your thumbs skywards until your hands are right trouser pocket high.

To help you achieve this, take an alignment pole and place it through your front belt hooks. Swing to the top of your backswing and then pull your arms down, keeping your thumbs pointing up at the sky until your hands are lower than the alignment pole. The club handle should drop under the alignment pole first, followed by the club head.

If you are making this movement, then you will be achieving a late release with the club as you strike the ball and delivering maximum club head speed into the shot, resulting in the longest golf shots you have ever hit.