Hold The End Of The Golf Swing To Create Better Balance - Senior Golf Tip 1

Good balance means a controlled golf swing. Get better balance with this golf tip.

Balance is an incredibly important part of golf. Great balance during the golf swing means that the golfer is producing a golf swing that is under control, meaning that the ball can be struck correctly and repeatedly even at great speeds.

A loss of balance during the golf swing means that the golfer is losing control of his or her body and so the golf club can never truly be under control and so neither can the golf ball. Balance also means stability. Golfers need stability to be able to stay still during the swing and support an action that can be up to 120mph in speed!

A swing of this speed with no stability makes it impossible to gain repeatedly good contact with the ball, making such speed pointless as it will not be transferred to the ball. Golfers who may suffer most from a loss of balance are those who are swinging too hard into the ball, golfers who are not as strong in the lower body, back or trunk and golfers who have injuries that affect these areas.

Balance and stability come from the base of a golfer. We stand on a solid surface, the ground, and swing around our base which are the feet, legs and hips. The legs and feet provide balance and should move very little, particularly the front foot – the only part of the body that should not move during the entire swing. The front foot is the part of the swing that provides stability through the golf ball and finish position. If the front foot moves at any point, the entire swing will move too meaning that the entire swing motion becomes unstable.

To create better balance in the golf swing, focus on the finish position. When turning through the ball, the front foot stays still as the club swings through and the chest and hips should turn to face the target. The club should swing up and around the shoulders while the head should move forwards to finish standing up straight over the front foot. At the end of the swing the golfer should be standing very still on the front heel with the front leg straight and the head directly over the heel of the front foot. Hold this position until the ball stops moving after being hit.

If this finish position is achieved then so is perfect balance and the chances of hitting a great shot have just increased.