Get Longer Drives - Sweep The Club head Upward Through Impact - Senior Golf Tip 1

Maximize distance from the tee by driving upwards through the ball.

The driver is designed to propel the ball forwards for maximum distance. This is why it is such a long golf club, very lightweight and with very little loft. All of these characteristics optimize the driver for maximum club head speed through the ball.

The ideal shot with the driver is to launch the ball forwards and slightly upwards while getting the correct amount of backspin on the golf ball. This relationship between launch and backspin is important. Backspin makes the ball rise into the air. Too much backspin and the ball will rise too early and balloon upwards into the air, dropping with no roll and costing distance. Too little backspin and the ball drops out of the air too soon, again losing distance.

To control the launch and backspin of the golf ball, the club head needs to drive slightly upwards through the ball sending the ball launching upwards into the air. The upward launch minimizes backspin which keeps the ball travelling through the air for as long as possible.

To achieve an upward sweep through the ball, check these three points:

1. Set up. Ball position – the golf ball should be positioned in-between the feet so that it is opposite the inside of the front heel. This ensures that the ball is caught on the upward sweep of the club head through the impact area.

2. Keep the head central – in-between the knees during the swing. If the head and shoulders move forwards during the swing motion, the club head will be forced downwards into the ball making the ball drive into the floor or spin up into the air as it strikes the top of the golf club head.

3. Practice swinging lightly – the club should just be clipping the top of a tee peg during any practice swings. This simulates the ideal path through the ball of the club head. If too much tee peg or the ground is hit then the stroke is too steeply downwards rather than the upward sweeping action we are looking for.

Check these three points to maximize your swing speed and driving distance will increase.