Driver Cure For Ball Going Too Low - Senior Problem Golf Tip

    Modern drivers are designed to launch the ball into the air carrying a great distance before coming back down to earth and releasing forward.

    If a senior finds their drives are flying too low there could be many causes from incorrect loft to issues with the club face position at impact. These need to be fixed as the senior golfer wants the perfect combination of launch and roll.

    Another possible reason for a low ball flight could be the angle of approach into the ball. The more downward the senior’s angle of attack (the more they hit down on the ball), the slower the swing speed and less loft the driver will have through impact. Here is a way for the senior to fix a low ball flight with the driver by improving their angle of approach.

    The set up

    1. Because the driver swing is longer and faster than the iron swing, the senior golfer should take a slightly wider stance to help with stability.

    2. The ball position with a driver is just inside the left heel to encourage a sweeping motion through the ball unless another specialized shot is required.

    3. The left shoulder should be slightly higher than the right (for a right handed golfer) which will also help the golfer to swing up though the ball.

    4. For a shallower angle of approach and an upward strike on the ball, try placing a little bit more weight, about 55%, on the back foot.

    The swing

    To get more carry on the drive, a senior golfer will have to adapt their swing to the club.

    1. After getting set up to the ball as described above, the senior golfer should take the club away ‘long, slow and wide’. This is a slow build-up of power and energy during the backswing.

    2. Keep the club moving in a wide arc away from the ball, continuing to build up the power and complete a full shoulder turn in preparation for launching through the ball.

    3. Begin the downswing by turning the hips toward the target but keep the head behind the ball.

    4. Get the feeling of hitting the ball ‘on the up’ and sweeping the ball off the top of the tee-peg.

    5. Really extend the arms through the ball towards the target, unleashing all the power built up during the downswing.

    To make sure they are playing with the correct equipment, the senior golfer should find a local professional or store with launch monitor technology which can track the ball flight and swing and compare clubs with different specifications.