Who Is He?

Trevor Immelman Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

There must be something in the water in South Africa, as the country has a habit of producing fantastic golfers and not only can the South African players play, they also seem to swing the golf club in a super relaxed fashion with beautiful tempo and effortless efficiency.

Trevor Immelman, like Retief Goosen and Ernie Els, is a major winner, having won at the 2008 US Masters at Augusta, Georgia. What was even more impressive about his victory was the manner in which he struck the golf ball that week. He not only lead the fairways hit category but he also tied for second in the greens in regulation stats that week. Around a course like Augusta, that is no mean feat.

What He Does?

Trevor Immelman's golf swing has often been likened to having the rhythm of Ernie Els and the technical positions of Ben Hogan. A better blend of golf swings you could not wish to have.

Immelman's swing is often rated by other tour players as the swing they wish they had. Immelman himself works hard on just a few fundamentals in his set up position and then lets his naturally instinctive golf swing take over from there. If he feels he is swinging the golf club nicely, two simple checkpoints in his set up are all he feels he needs to play good solid golf. Maintaining an accurate and technically correct ball position and having a consistently even pressure golf grip are his two key swing thoughts.

What Can You Learn?

If you feel that you have a technically proficient golf swing, Immelman's attitude of getting the fundamentals right and letting your natural swing take over could help improve your scores. He doesn't like to become too technical and sometimes feels that swing thoughts get in the way of producing a natural looking swing. With regards to his grip pressure, he often feels his rhythm can be upset by excessively grabbing the club with too much grip pressure in the transitional phase of his swing.

With your own game you should check your grip pressure. If 10 is as tight as possible and 1 is as loose as possible, you should aim to hold the club with a 4/10. Maintain this even pressure throughout your swing to keep your good rhythm and balance.

What Should You Avoid?

Absolutely nothing within Trevor Immelman's swing would cause you any concern. In fact, the more you can copy his movements then the better player you will be. If any young aspiring professionals want a role model you could do worse than following this guy.