Sergio Garcia Pro Golfer Swing Sequence

Who Is He?

The one time wonder kid and the player often previously touted as Tiger Woods' main rival, Sergio Garcia is seen by many as a player who has not yet fulfilled his potential.

A combination of wonderful ball striking and the touch and feel of his Spanish idol, Seve Ballesteros, surely Garcia has the technical attributes to be a multiple major winner. However, in recent years he has himself alluded to the mental frailties that may derail his strive for major success.

What He Does

The very traditional and neutral set up that Garcia takes in his address position gives no advance warning to the quirky uniqueness that is to follow during his swing.

As Garcia rotates the golf club to a slightly flatter than normal top of the backswing position, it still looks like quite a standard swing. However, the drop that Sergio Garcia takes from the top of his backswing is really his signature move. Garcia has the largest wrist down cocking and lag angle seen from any of the world's top players. He drops the golf club incredibly far down on the inside of line. This increases his wrist cock and lag angle and can be seen approaching the golf ball from an incredibly narrow position. It is testament to Garcia's phenomenal hand speed and unbelievable timing that he is able to get out of this position and square the club face with some sort of regularity and consistency.

What Can You Learn?

For any player who struggles with a slice and would therefore also be struggling with an over the top swing, Garcia could be a good role model in the way that he brings the golf club down from the inside position so flat and so far behind his body. If you struggle with rotating your shoulders too early from the top of your swing, study Garcia's swing from down the line and notice how the golf club stays behind his body for a long period of time during his downswing.

This encourages a very inside to outside swing path.

Garcia is also renowned for playing the game with a certain flair and feel around the greens. You should certainly try to mimic his imagination and artistry with the short clubs.

What Should You Avoid?

For most golfers, getting as narrow and creating so much lag in the downswing as Sergio Garcia could cause all sorts of timing and accuracy issues. Garcia has built up his ability to release his hands through impact over years and years of dedicated practice. It is not something the average club or handicapped golfer should be encouraged to try.