Rich Beem Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

Who Is He?

There are many players who had glittering professional golfing careers who have not won a major championship. We only have four majors each year and in recent times, with Tiger Woods collecting a good number of those limited competitions, many players will retire having never won a major golf championship. There are also, however, a few players who have a major championship on the mantelpiece when maybe their career would not suggest that high level of success. Rich Beem would be one of those players.

What He Does

Rich Beem is a very powerful guy and generates a massive club head speed through the impact phase. In order to consistently transfer this big club head speed into accurate golf shots, he made two corrections to his technique early on in his career.

Rich Beem Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

Firstly, he improved his posture by becoming a lot stronger around the core of his body to enable him to hold a correct spine angle and remain balanced through impact. Early on in his career, Rich suffered with a slumped and slouched posture with tucked in hips. This resulted in inconsistencies.

Another change that Rich made to his technique was to strengthen his grip, predominately with the right hand. Golfers who swing the club aggressively towards the ball often struggle to square the club face in time, resulting in wayward shots to the right.

What Can You Learn?

If you are looking to generate maximum club head speed and maximum distance from your golf shots, Rich Beem is a good example to learn from. His attention to detail in terms of building the most athletic posture position will help you be able to increase your club head speed.

Furthermore, if you struggle to square the club face through impact on your most powerful shots, strengthening your right hand grip could help you to release the club head to a square position.

What Should You Avoid?

Rich Beem has the basic building blocks of being a long hitter. He is naturally athletic. This combined with a good technique means he finds hitting the golf ball a long way relatively easy. If you don't have the physical attributes required to hit the golf ball a long way, pursuing this course of action could result in less accurate, less consistent golf shots and ultimately high scores.