Jason Day Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

    Who Is He?

    Since Adam Scott's victory at the 2013 Masters at Augusta, Georgia, many people are suggesting this will be the catalyst for a domination at the top of the game by many of the young Australian golfers. Jason Day is probably the golfer that most people would tip to lead that Aussie charge. He has an extremely mature head on very young shoulders. The fact that he will have played nearly 100 PGA tour events before he turns 24 years old is testament to that maturity and experience of playing at the highest level.

    Having turned professional as a teenager, he is used to mixing with the best players in the world and doesn't seem to be afraid of going low in the major tournaments.

    What He Does

    Jason Day Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

    With one of the most neutral golf swings you will see on the tour, it can be difficult to get excited about the techniques that Jason Day utilizes. The uniqueness that he has in his swing is that it is so simple and requires very little compensation. Day's persistence in promoting a good, solid set up with good alignment, a neutral grip, a balanced and athletic posture, is the start point for a swing that very rarely deviates off the perfect path.

    He generates effortless power without swinging too long and losing control. He also maintains a very balanced follow through position. At over 300 yards, his average driving distance is right up there with the best players in the world and although his driver accuracy sometimes looks bad on the stats sheet, in reality he very rarely misses the fairway by more than a few yards and is never out of the hole because of the tee shot.

    What Can You Learn?

    Jason Day Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 3

    Jason Day's golf swing is a perfect model of keeping things simple and square by working on good fundamentals. If you don't make any mistakes, you don't need to compensate for those mistakes. From a fantastic set up position, as Jason starts the club back on a perfect one piece takeaway, the golf club naturally rises to the top of the backswing without any deviation off the plane, a slight shallowing of the plane on the downswing and an aggressive leg action towards the ball provides plenty of power and a small draw shape to his flight.

    What Should You Avoid?

    Very little. In simple terms, if you're going to model your golf swing on anybody's, Jason Day is a great guy to choose.