Who Is He?

David Toms Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

David Toms seems to be a super steady and relatively unspectacular kind of golfer and swinger of the club. However, with 17 professional wins including the 2001 PGA Championship so far, you could say that he has had a spectacular career.

What He Does

David Toms swings the golf club in a straightforward up and down action, maintaining a relatively steep backswing and downswing. The golf club stays nicely out in front of his body and it never gets trapped behind him.

What Can You Learn?

David Toms Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

The simplicity noticed in David Toms' golf swing starts the second he moves the club away from the golf ball. In a sweeping one piece takeaway, David Toms' backswing is initiated and controlled by the turning of his left shoulder. As his shoulder moves under his chin, his hands and arms stay relatively passive which creates a wide one piece takeaway.

During the second phase of his backswing, he maintains his width and keeps the golf club nicely in front of his body as he cocks his wrists to the 90 degree L shaped position. The club, once more, remains in front of his chest with his hands and arms being exactly opposite to his sternum. This is a great swing feeling too if you feel that you often have the golf club too flat behind your body, if you feel that you ever get the club trapped during the downswing, or if you are guilty of attacking the golf ball too much from the inside line.

David Toms Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 3

What Should You Avoid?

If you are prone to swinging over the top, pulling or slicing the golf ball, the sensation of keeping the club in front of your body like David Toms could possibly make your golf swing worse and you should be encouraged to swing the golf club with a flatter and more around the body position.