Bubba Watson Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 1

    Who Is He?

    Surely Bubba Watson is one of the most recognisable characters on the PGA tour. Whether it is the car that he drives, which is the original General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard. Whether it is the pink shafted golf clubs that he uses, whether it is his flamboyant playing style and unorthodox golf swing, or whether it is just that he is the other left handed guy playing out of the trees that is not Phil Mickelson, you can't help but notice Bubba Watson.

    What He Does

    Bubba Watson has built a reputation as a firm fan's favourite by playing the game of golf with more imagination and flair than most of the rest of the tour player piled together. Watson himself says that he never really sees a golf shot as being straight, rather he sees every ball flight as having some elements of draw or fade.

    As a self taught player, Watson never had the restrictions of an orthodox golf swing imposed on him by a golf coach, rather he learnt to feel where the club head was during the swing and feel how it interacted with a golf ball. It was this imagination and ability to shape the ball that resulted in his most famous shot and possibly one of the most famous shots of recent years when he hooked the ball out of the trees during the second play off hole of the 2012 Masters at Augusta, Georgia, on his way to beat Louis Oosthuizen to the coveted Green Jacket. Watson hit a 50 yard hook with a pitching wedge from deep in the trees which nestled and spun neatly onto the green.

    Bubba Watson Pro Golfer Swing Sequence 2

    What Can You Learn?

    With an unorthodox swing that not many golfers would want to emulate, you may consider there is not much from Watson that you should copy. However, his imagination, flair, and desire to learn how his swing will make the ball react should be a lesson to all golfers.

    What Should You Avoid?

    The list of what you should avoid in Bubba Watson's game is a long list. You should aim to avoid his ever changing alignment, you should avoid his long over swing, you should avoid his unstable front foot, you should avoid his spinning out of the shot, you should avoid his death or glory approach to driving the ball, and most importantly you should avoid driving a car whose doors do not open correctly!