Left Hand Golf Tip How To Draw The Ball To Get Extra Driver Distance

Left handed players looking to generate more driver distance can try to use a drawing ball flight.


The draw moves from left to right in the air, curving until it falls on the target line. To hit a draw, the club head travels on an in-to-out swing path and the club face needs to be closed to the swing path but open to the target line. This combination of swing path and club face at impact makes the draw a difficult shot to execute, but worthwhile if achievable.
The draw will generally give more distance than a normal shot for a number of reasons.

Drawing a ball requires an inside to out swing path which means moving the club from a position near the body to a position away from it. This movement is generally more powerful than any other. Because the club face also needs to be slightly closed to the target line, the loft of any club used will decrease slightly. De-lofting the club will make the face straighter at impact, normally sending the ball lower with more roll.

One thing many left handed golfers struggle to achieve when trying to play a draw is the combination of path and club face angle. Here are a few drills which can be used to practice drawing the ball.

Club Path

The club path on a draw shot must travel from an inside to out swing path. To help groove this swing path, use this drill.

1. At a driving range, practice hitting shots with a small box (like a shoe box) just outside the ball. The box should be no further than two inches on the outside of the ball.

2. The box acts like a barrier. If any swings start to come from out-to-in (over the top) the box will be hit first before the ball.

3. To ensure an inside swing path through the ball, the club should travel from the inside to out, missing the box and starting the ball left of the target line.

Left Foot Back

Another way players can try to achieve an in-to-out swing path is to use the left foot back drill. To use this drill, take up a normal set up with the club face square to the target line and the body parallel to the target line. Just before starting the swing, players can draw back the left foot. This alteration in the stance will cause the body to aim well left of the target and force the swing path more in-to-out. To hit a draw shot, left handed golfers will be forced to release the club (cross the forearms) through impact. Using this drill will help players to understand the combination of inside swing path and releasing the club face.

Although players can find distance with most shot shapes, to increase power and length with the driver, left handed golfers should try hitting a draw.