Left Hand Golf Tip How Best To Fire Your Left Side And Chasing The Club Down The Line

There are a number of moves within the golf swing that can be linked to improve both distance and ball striking.

One such link which can be made is between the hip turn and extension of the arms through impact. Combining a powerful hip turn with a consistent arm extension will give a great combination of power and consistency. Left handed golfers can create this link by firing the left side and chasing the club down the target line.
Firing the Left Side

From the top of the swing, the first thing to move should be the hips. This rotation of the hips towards the target generates a great deal of the power transferred into the ball at impact. A good way for left handed golfers to get the hips moving is to fire the left side.
When reaching the top of the back swing, which should feature a full shoulder turn, golfers should feel the first thing to move is the left hip. This will spark a chain reaction which will see the core, shoulders, arms and hands follow. At impact the left side should still be rotating toward the target until at the top of the through swing, the hips have fully turned and face down the target line. This will help create the correct sequence of movements and deliver a great deal of power into the shot. To create accuracy and a consistent strike, left handed golfers should ‘chase the club down the line’.
Chasing the Club Down the Line

The idea of chasing the club down the line helps a player stay on a good path through impact. At the point of impact, the face should be pointing down the target line which should help ensure a straight shot. If a left handed golfer can extend the club down the target line after impact, this will help create an inside-to-square-to-inside path. Although the club head could be moving upwards of 100mph at impact, there is a checkpoint players can use to help ensure they are on the correct path. After impact, when the arms are extended and the club shaft reaches parallel to the ground, players should feel they are ‘shaking hands with the target’. This means the arms are extended with the left forearm rotating across the right, the club head and the club shaft should be pointing at the target. If at the point the club reaches parallel to the ground the left handed golfer can remove their left hand from the grip and shake hands with the target, the club will have been successfully chased down the line.

There are a number of intricate movements which constitute a successful golf swing, some of them can be linked, leading to a greater chance of success for the left handed player.