Left Hand Golf Tip How And Why You Should Create A Good Sequence Golf Swing

Although everyone has unique movements within their swing, creating a good sequence is important for everyone.

A swing which features a good sequence is more likely to generate a better combination of power and consistency. If something goes wrong within the sequence then the whole model could become inconsistent.
Left handed golfers can try to create a good sequence during the swing by following these steps.
1. Assuming the grip, posture and swing are all technically sound, players can begin the swing by moving the club head away from the ball low and slow.
2. This movement will be instigated by the hands which should be soft and relaxed.
3. As the hands move away, the arms should be extended. This extension will begin to take the club on a wide arc around the body.
4. As the hands and arms extend, the shoulders should begin to rotate away from the target.
5. As the wrists hinge upward, the right arm stays extended and the shoulders turn fully under the chin (90 degrees to the target). The left arm should naturally fold in to the side of the body.
6. At the top of the swing the left hip will have slightly rotated.
7. From the top of the back swing this sequence is reversed, with the hips beginning the through swing.
8. The first thing to move during the down swing should be the hips; this will begin the correct sequence. The right hip rotates toward the target.
9. As the hips turn, the hands drop down with the left arm tucking into the side. This movement helps the club swing find an inside to square swing path.
10. As the hips turn there should be a weight shift on to the right leg, generating power and a consistent strike.
11. The right arm remains straight as the wrists unhinge and deliver power into the shot. All this time the hips continue to rotate adding power.
12. As the club swings through the ball, the arms extend pointing the shaft towards the target.
13. As the club lifts, the body follows until the hips, belt buckle and chest face the target.
This sequence condensed runs in the following order; hands, arms, shoulders, torso, hips, legs, legs, hips, torso, shoulders, arm and then hands.

Although every part of this sequence is open to individual variation, left handed golfers can use this as a rough guide to be copied and then perfected.