Golfer Focus

What set Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods so far apart from their peers?

Immense physical talent, certainly, and a powerful drive to succeed. These two giants shared something else: a methodical approach to attacking the golf course while ignoring competitors. 

When preparing for a tournament, Nicklaus and Woods studied every inch of the course and devised a strategy for each hole. Once the tournament began, they rarely deviated from the game plan unless weather conditions or their place on the leaderboard dictated it. 

Both men were known for their intense concentration and ability to stay “in the moment.” By focusing strictly on their own games, Nicklaus and Woods avoided getting distracted by how others were performing. 

Likewise, they shared a skill few golfers master: the ability to forget poor shots quickly. While Woods is known for his angry outbursts, he gets the frustration out of his system and moves to the next shot. As for Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw once marveled that the Golden Bear hit more terrible shots than any other great golfer in history, yet was able to overcome them without a blink. 

Above all, Nicklaus and Woods committed maximum effort to every shot, no matter how simple or trivial. All golfers should strive to do the same.