Golf is a game of etiquette. There are a number of unwritten rules which golfers are expected to follow while on the course. Violating these rules might not lead to a penalty on your scorecard, but it could make you someone that other golfers don’t want to play with very often. If you need a primer on the etiquette rules you need to obey on the course, check out the questions below.

    3 Golf Etiquette Questions and Answers

  • Do I really need to be quiet while others are hitting their shots? Yes, you do. This is one of the most important pieces of etiquette to understand when learning the game of golf. Although it might not seem that important to a new golfer, remaining quiet so others can focus while they play is common courtesy on the course. It is hard to hit a good golf shot even when you have peace and quiet – it is nearly impossible when others in your group are talking or making other noises. Keep quiet while others swing and feel free to chat while walking up the fairway or waiting for the group in front to finish.
  • 3 Golf Etiquette Questions and Answers

  • Where should I walk on the putting green? The key to moving around the putting green is to avoid the intended putting line of the other players in your group. In other words, you shouldn’t walk between the hole and the golf ball of any other player. That usually means you’ll need to walk around the edge of the green while getting your read and preparing to putt.
  • 3 Golf Etiquette Questions and Answers

  • Does the best score from the last hole always play first? This is called ‘honors’, and it is up to each individual group as to whether or not honors will be used during the round. If you have a regular group you play with all the time, it is unlikely that anyone will care too much about following honors. However, if you get paired with new golfers during a round, just ask if they are worried about such things. Most golfers are pretty casual on this point, but it is still good to be clear.
  • There are a lot of questions involved in the game of golf, and those included in this article only scratch the surface. We hope the information provided above has furthered your knowledge of this great game.