The Golf Club at SouthShore

    1. The Golf Club at SouthShore Course Review

    The golf course makes for one of Jack Nicklauss most dramatic layouts, boasting its rugged terrain where elevation changes are the norm, with the end result being a melange of stunning views and exciting shots. Jack Nicklaus was forced to move over three billion cubic yards of dirt in order to create more downhill holes and whilst the front nine is excellent by any metrics, the back nine is totally awesome, to say the least. Playing the Golf Club at SouthShore youll be delighted by the stunning views offered by the Lake Las Vegas on a par 5, a full load of eye-candy due to the waterfall tumbling through the beautiful palm trees on a par 4, not to mention the epic par 3 which reminds of Augusta. The numerous elevation changes of this epic golf course will require a cart to play it properly, unless youre an expert hiker. Truth be told, playing the course at SouthShore will most probably exceed your expectations, provided youre not a hardcore optimist, thanks to its dramatic holes, excellent grooming and beautiful scenery. The SouthShore is definitely one of the best courses in Nevada and arguably the most fun course in the Silver State.

    The Golf Club of Cape Cod

    2. The Golf Club of Cape Cod Course Review

    Despite being a newcomer, the Cape Cod course already established new standards, especially for new visitors, as it provides the purest golfing experience possible together with a beautiful view due to its natural setting and the epic scenery which attracts players from all over the US, New England included. Even if the Cape Cod is relatively recent, being opened for players in 2007, the 7047 yard golf course looks like it has been there forever. There are a lot of elevation changes featuring sandy soil, the site is absolutely wonderful and the routing is one of Rees Jones best-ever. The course boasts both demanding holes, like the 464 yard sixth, which will require 2 great shots for a birdie chance and there are heroic holes, the likes of the 190 yard sixteenth, which all carry over water hazards. All these features put together make for a true-blue classic woodland golf course, based on timeless golf-design principles, which is a joy to play regardless of your skill level.

    The Cascades course at Homestead

    3. The Cascades course at Homestead Course Review

    The Cascades hosted the USGA six times, due to Flynns exceptional routing plan, which can be defined as the ultimate in terms of spirit of adventure and naturalness. This design had held up beautifully over decades, despite the fact that its holes are scarcely alpine in nature, as the course is actually sitting in a cradle, being protected by the dense woods all around it. There are quite a few elevation changes throughout the property, which are the salt and pepper of the Cascades, but whats most appealing about this place is the varied nature of the holes. The layout is unique, as in no 2 holes are alike, basically no cousins here so to speak, yet all eighteen of them fit perfectly together, making the Cascades clearly of a piece. Additionally to the Cascades, you can play another two brilliant golf courses at the Homestead, Robert Trent Jones Lower Cascades, built in 1963 and the delightful Old, wearing the signature of Donald Ross and Rees Jones (1913-1995).

    The Honors Course Golf Club

    4. The Honors Course Golf Club Course Review

    Pete Dye managed to create a monument dedicated to amateur golf, a true enclave for golf purists that still lives up to its name today. The course was built upon an ideal piece of real estate, 460 acres sitting at the base of White Mountain, with airy and open holes surrounded by an array of native grasses and fescue, pine trees and cedars, honeysuckle vines and blackberry bushes. The golf courses appeal is represented by its routing subtlety and its intrinsic beauty, along with the architects attention to details, which works wonders in elevating the players experience. The golf course at the Honors features 7215 yards from its longest tees for a 72 par and it makes for an exclusive, world class resort, boasting all its Pete Dye splendor.

    The Links at Union Vale Golf Club

    5. The Links at Union Vale Golf Club Course Review

    The Links at Union Vale is designed by architect Stephen Kay, a guy who compares golf course architecture with the fine art of filmmaking. The idea is that when he built the Links at Union Vale, he designed every hole in a unique way, to attract golfers, keepem busy and make them remember the game afterward, in the same fashion filmmakers strive to make movies which are both memorable yet hugely engaging when you watch them first. The golf course was built on a beautiful piece of property, 200 acres of rolling terrain in the countryside of Dutchess County. The end result was a flexible design that rewards more the tactical golfer rather than the gung-ho attacker,a golf course which is virtually impossible to outmuscle. However, it can be thought through relatively easy with great results with regard to your score card. Together with its smart layout and routing, the Links at Union Vale also offers a great view, as it spreads over the beautiful rolling hills of Dutchess Country, with the pastel blue of the Catskills on the north and the Hudson Highland rising in the south. Finally, the course features 6839 yards of golf from its longest tees for a 72 par and it was founded in the year 2000.

    The Links of North Dakota Golf Club

    6. The Links of North Dakota Golf Club Course Review

    Long story short, if you want to play a great round of golf on a great golf course which is seriously remote , the Links of North Dakota is the answer. Opened for players in 1995, this baby plays and looks like Irish or Scottish links, being wind blown, treeless and fast running, yet very affordable and easy to walk. The natural attributes of the terrain, i.e. the soil, the topography and the views, together with the perfect contours on 6 of the green, the rock free soil, sandy and wonderful, the stunning lake vistas on virtually every hole on the course made for the Links of North Dakota to become a hidden gem for the sports aficionados. The marvelously flexible 72 par design crafted by Kay with 5 sets of tees, 70920 yards of golf from its longest tees and a heavy back nine of 3684 yards made for the Links of North Dakota to become a modern classic if it ever was one, boasting strategic bunkering and a wide variety of holes and shots, with an emphasis on strategy for the thinking golfer. The routing follows the traditional Scottish links design, mixing short and long holes, offering doglegs in both directions, taking advantage of the terrain at every step. The bunkers look authentic and perfectly placed at each turn, shaped as simple ovals or circles, just as youd expect to see in the old country.

    The Madison Club Golf

    7. The Madison Club Golf Course Review

    However, there are flashes of extravagance here and there, for example this high end golf course features massive refrigeration systems buried under its bentgrass greens for keeping them cool and in pristine shape. The course is more substance than flash though, having an old school feel and look, offering beautiful views, though the course lacks a desert surrounding, despite its location. The architect imported 3500 mature trees for creating a lush natural sanctuary and moved more than five million cubic yards of dirt, as the idea from the beginning was to make players forget theyre playing in the desert. Featuring 7400 yards of golf from its longest tees, the Madison will force you to make use of all the clubs in your bag, being extremely punitive, as in challenging. Everything is at superlativ here, and thats understandable, because with Palm Spring being the Mecca of American Golf, the Madison had to be made extraordinary in order to attract the kind of membership they wanted. Mission accomplished.


    8. The MARTIS CAMPS TOM FAZIO Course Review

    Sitting high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the Golden State, just north of Lake Tahoe, the Martis Camp is the ultimate ultra-luxurious 4 season private community, which offers strong family values for its members and, besides golf, many other opportunities for spending your time, the likes of arts, skiing, fishing, hiking and so on and so forth. But golf is the name of the game here, and everything feels just about right at Martis Camp, considering that this beautiful golf course is built on a 2,177 piece of pristine property, sitting high at 6100 ft in the Sierra Nevada, near Lake Tahoe. The main point of attraction of the golf course, besides being an epic Tom Fazio design, is represented by the majestic vistas, the beautiful scenery, the lush pine forests which all make for an exceptional outdoors experience. The golf course is a classic California design, boasting its flash faced/steep bunkers, with spacious and deceptive greens, wide fairways, and again, epic views, especially on the front nine.

    The Members Club at Four Streams

    9. The Members Club at Four Streams Course Review

    The location is absolutely great, theres great food and awesome service all year round, making for this baby to be arguably the best private club in the horse country of Montgomery County, an eighteen hole private resort just thirty miles from downtown DC, boasting 7102 yards of golf from its longest tees for a 71 par and ranked in Rolexs Worlds Top 1000 Golf Courses and second best of the Best Private Golf Courses in the DC area. The Members Club at Four Streams was established back in 1998 and it greatly benefits from the beautiful features of the land, being built on 300 acres of what it used to be farmland, and after that a nursery. The beauty of the land was seamlessly incorporated into the courses design. by the architects Steve Smyers and Nick Price. Combining the relaxation and solitude of a secluded golfing facility with an exceptional golf course, a close knit membership and exceptional food, the Members Club at Four Streams follows its 19th century tradition as a farm and offers a unique opportunity for its members to spend quality time in a peaceful golf retreat, away from that crazy world out there.

    The Olde Farm

    10. The Olde Farm Course Review

    The golf course is built on the ideal piece of land, a stunning piece of real estate to be honest, full of streams, creeks, rolling hills and rocks, making for an amazing landscape with regard to golfing. The routing of the Olde Farm golf course is playing alongside the hills, as its laid out in the valley, rather than up/over the hills. In this way, the architect managed to preserve impeccably the integrity of the natural landscape, whilst promoting walkability. From a vantage point, youll fall in love with the natural beauty of the landscape and the stunning view of the golf course itself, its links style design which unfolds as youre approaching the property, the windswept grasses, several ponds, exposed rocks, rugged bunkers with fescue eyebrows and, last but not least, the Sinking Creek crisscrossing the bottom of the valley. The Olde Farm features 7063 yards of golf from its longest tees for a 71 par, boasting its rugged look, open entrances to greens, wide fairways and large putting complexes, which all make this baby an enjoyable and challenging course, which is not easy to score, but incredibly fun to play.