Shank Golf Shot Drills: Weight on Heels in Follow-Through

Many times, a golfer will tilt or even fall forward after hitting a shank. That’s a telltale sign of his core problem.

By leaning onto the toes during the downswing, the clubhead’s path moves out from its address position and clanks the hosel into the ball — yet another reminder of the importance of balance.

Here’s a drill in which you do the opposite by leaning back rather than forward:

  • Assume your normal address position, with your weight distributed evenly between the heels and balls of your feet.
  • Take your backswing.
  • Coming down, rotate onto your left foot so that more weight shifts to the heel, bringing the left toe a little off the ground as you follow through.
  • While this isn’t a technically correct finish position – your weight should be in the center of the left foot, not the heel – it will eliminate your bad habit through overcompensation. Repeat the drill until you’ve hit a few shots off the toe, then try a shot with proper balance. Do this until you’ve stopped tipping forward and you’ll stop shanking, too.