Shank Golf Shot Drills: Drop Two Balls, Hit the One on the Inside

If you’ve developed the shanks due to an over-extension of the arms nearing impact, this drill will teach you to pull the arms closer to your body.

  • Place two balls side by side, 2-3 inches apart.
  • Using a wedge, set up as though hitting the outside ball.
  • Make your swing, but hit the inside ball.
  • You may be a little uncomfortable at first, fearing you’ll strike the outside ball with the end of the club (or hit both at once). If so, simply stick a tee in the ground in place of the outside ball.

    Make five attempts at the drill, then set up and hit a regular golf shot. You may strike it on the club’s toe, which is perfectly fine. It means you’re learning to swing with the arms closer to your body rather than lunging outward approaching the ball.

    This is an excellent pre-round drill for anyone who’s dealing with the shanks. It will help chase away the image of shanking and ingrain the feel you need to strike the ball with the clubface, not the hosel.