What is the Proper Golf Swing 1

    Ask 10 golf instructors, 10 tour pros, and 10 average golfers to describe the proper, perfect or correct golf swing. You’ll get 30 different answers.

    It’s possible every single one may get it right. Make that “right.”

    Fact is, there’s no single best way to swing with maximum efficiency, power and accuracy. Rather, a good swing is one which finds the clubface square to the intended target and moving with accelerating speed at impact.

    It’s a simple goal, with an infinite number of ways to get there.

    Take the pros, for example. Specifically, Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods.

    What is the Proper Golf Swing 2

    Furyk, the 2003 U.S. Open champ and one of golf’s most consistent performers, has what may kindly be called an unorthodox swing. He’s got an unusual grip, a looping backswing-to-downswing action, and his hands are extremely close to his body going through the ball.

    Woods, the 14-time major winner, achieves classic positions – neutral grip, square clubface at the top, etc – despite making several swing changes since 1997.

    Look at each man’s clubface at impact, though, and you’ll see very little difference. (Although Woods’ is moving much faster.)

    Does that mean fundamentals don’t matter? Of course not. Examine Furyk’s swing in detail and you’ll find many by-the-book elements, including his weight shift, shoulder turn, balance and tempo.

    The fact is, sound fundamentals make it much easier to reach impact in the proper position. But breaking a rule or two along the way won’t necessarily wreck your chances.