Uphill Lie – What the Ball Does 1

If you understand what happens when hitting a golf ball from a downhill lie, you can probably figure out how playing uphill affects your shots.

Rather than reducing the club’s effective loft, an uphill lie adds loft. To wit: Standing on an 8° uphill grade will add 8° to the clubface, turning a 6-iron into an 8-iron. Thus, shots will launch and carry much higher than usual. Any headwind will exaggerate this effect.

An upslope stance may create a flatter swing plane that’s more around the body rather than up and down, resulting in pulled shots that often draw or hook into trouble on your left.

Uphill Lie – What the Ball Does 2Good swings from an upslope can generate high, soaring shots. Pretty to look at, until they fall short of the green.

Next up: How to overcome uphill lies by altering your club selection, setup and swing.