Tee Peg in Top of Grip for Good Release 3

Release the hounds? In golf, it’s more like release the hands.

To release the hands, also called releasing the club, means to roll the right hand and forearm over the left (for a righty) in the space just before and after impact. Ideally, the release is timed to put the clubhead square to the target line and moving with maximum speed as it contacts the ball.

Many amateur golfers struggle with this aspect, typically releasing the club too early by unhinging the wrists starting down toward the ball. The result – a dramatic loss of power and accuracy. Some fail to achieve a full release, leaving the club open at impact and hitting weak shots to the right.

If releasing the club properly proves challenging, try this drill:Tee Peg in Top of Grip for Good Release 4

  • Stick a golf tee into the end of a club’s grip.

  • Address the ball normally and begin your takeaway.

  • As your hands reach and pass hip height, the wrists should be cocking, pointing the tee toward the ball.

  • On the downswing, the tee should point at the ball when the hands return to about hip height.
  • Tee Peg in Top of Grip for Good Release 5

  • Here’s the key: After impact, the tee should once again point toward the ball’s position as the hands swing through to hip height. This shows that you’ve correctly rolled the wrists and forearms.
  • Try the drill in slow motion, without hitting a ball, to gain a sense of how the proper positions feel. If you’re keen on developing a draw, the tee tip is a great way to ingrain the required release action.